Abergavenny Area Community Orchards and Gardens CIC


Abergavenny Area Community Orchards and Gardens CIC was established in September 2011, to take forward community fruit and vegetable growing projects in the Abergavenny and surrounding hinterland.


Our long term vision is to establish a series of community gardens, orchards and allotment sites, throughout Abergavenny and its neighbouring areas, serving each neighbourhood and providing people with the opportunity to grow their own food, with all the benefits of exercise, enjoyment and personal sustainability it brings. We also want to enable people with more garden than they can use to meet those who want more land to garden, for their mutual benefit.

We see the need, as climate begins to alter with changes to the Polar icecap, oil reserves depleted and household incomes fall, for a return to local food growing, if Wales and the world are to achieve food security. Our activities are a local response to a global consciousness, particularly aimed at helping young people to gain the skills of food production, and at preserving local varieties and biodiversity. Currently there is an over two year waiting list for allotments and the new housing estates in the area have small gardens. We see the need to provide training in horticulture and animal husbandry for young people.

Abergavenny Community Orchard AGM and Picnic

AGM group picnic 2017        Viewing the orchard

New Orchard Paths

Two new paths        New path